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[party] METAMORPHOSE 2005 2005.8.27 - 2005.8.28 Cycle Sports Center(Izu, Japan) New VJ unit dispersed gypsy which formed with vokoi / daito manabe / jun horikiri played as VJ. And Arch participate to TAIIKU AREA. Live: O.lamm / Domotic / Davide Balula / MEC(minifer,o.lamm,domotic) / kanta horio / daito manabe / anagma
DJ: W.C Label DJs
[concert] G.N.P. * 2005.8.6 Expo 2005, Central Zone, Expo Plaza Global Noise Project - Community Music Experiment - PLAYERES: Active Suspension Crew, Yosuke Hayashi, HiBird, Popgun, Tomofumi Taniura, anagma, Vokoi
Network System: gabocoy
[tour] MOBIUM * 2005.8.1 - 2005.8.30 Around Japan!! First season of MOBIUM (mobile-museum) organized by Lozi was running as SHOBOSHOBO BUS TOUR and MOBIL PLACARD
[exhibition] Vatiations on a Silence 2005.5.13 - 2005.5.29 Re-Tem Tokyo Plant(Tokyo) 710.beppo present new work named "0.7 tons for music"
[party] Vatiations on a Silence Concert 2005.5.12 UNIT (Tokyo) LIVE: Yasunao Tone, Christian Marclay, Hecker, 710.beppo, Kazuya Kondo
[exhibition] open nature * 2005.4.29 - 2005.7.4 NTT ICC S.W.O. present new work "The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA stay"
[release] ms_DVD 2.0 -new co-operations in sound and visual-. 2005.4.1 Vokoi Kaznovski's new sound-visual track to DVD "ms_DVD 2.0" released from microscope session in Dresden, Germany. The other tracks on DVD: L'USINE ICL vs. D-FUSE, QUENCH vs. VIDEOTROOPERS, SOLOTEMPO vs. TC.DE-FENCE SYSTEMS, SIGNAL vs. OLAF BENDER, DAISUKE ISHIDA vs. KLOMA, KOMET vs. FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, MR. PROJECTILE vs. 1/2FRAIL, PETARD vs. DEPART, AUXILIARY STATIC vs. AUXILIARY STATIC, GMBZZ ORCHESTRA PROJECT vs. PAWEL JANICKI, RITCHIE RIEDIGER vs. [OSZO]TM, ENZYM vs. TOBIAS PEIER, FUNCKARMA vs. MICHEL DE KLEIN, PERSON vs. PERSON, ESCAPE_NOW! vs. SEDUCE, MR. INCOGNITO vs. SHIFTPITCHE
[party] Laptop Orchestra 2005.3.15 Super Deluxe(Tokyo) Vokoi Kaznovski and anagma participato to Laptop Orchestra organized by Phhat PLAYERS: Lilly S. Mackenlow and Shigehiro Tsubota and 6 players
[party] Le placard prologue in Transmediale05 2005.2.10 Maria am Ostbahnhof (Berlin, Germany) anagma played
[concert] The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA * 2005.2.5 Salon Stage of Transmediale05 (Berlin Germany)
[presentarion] Transmediale05 2005.2.5 Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin Germany) anagma did presentation about his work for Next project "MobLab" SPEAKERS: Akaiwa Yae(exonemo), Chen Dominick, Furudate Ken, Sembo Kensuke, Shikata Yukiko
[release] Motion Garage 2005.1.1 Motion Garage Vokoi Kaznovski offered sound+visual tracks as ringer movie to Motion Garage.